Collision Repair


There’s no doubt about it - collisions are stressful. One day you’re going about your life, and the next you’re suddenly having to file police reports, call insurance, and arrange transportation–all while feeling shook up, maybe even injured, from the experience itself.

At Baker’s, we will help you every step of the way, from providing free estimates, access to complimentary shuttles and rental cars, and instant updates, to delivering the peace of mind that comes from a vehicle restored to its pre-accident “crash worthiness.”


What is “Crash Worthiness”?

We take pride in restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident “Crash Worthiness."
Our advanced technology allows us to:

  • Put vehicles back to original factory specifications.
  • Restore factory welds to pre-crash strength with computerized resistance welding process (oftentimes in such a way that an expert won’t be able to tell they aren’t original).
  • Replace required corrosion protection of your repaired vehicle.

With Crash Worthiness restored, you can rest assured
that the safety of you and your passengers is not compromised.





ASE Certified Staff

Our body shop staff members are all ASE Certified and dedicate themselves to continuing education.

What does ASE Certified Staff mean to you?

  • More experience is required to allow the expert working on your car to work here.
  • The person working on your car had to - and still must - prove himself to be an expert.
  • Ongoing training is required. The person working on your car will be up to date and efficient in using the latest standards in service and/or collision repair.

Let Baker’s Take Care of Your Auto Collision Repair


We want to ease your mind and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Here’s what you can expect from Baker’s:

Vehicle Check-In

Find out the progress of your vehicle repairs with our convenient "Check Your Vehicle" option.

Check Your Vehicle Status

Auto Repair Estimates

Baker's is happy to offer free auto repair estimates. We are the preferred appraiser for numerous insurance companies.

Schedule an Estimate

Complimentary Shuttle Service

We will give you a ride home or to work, or we will come to your home or work to pick up your vehicle to give you the best possible service.

Rental Car Services

Baker’s has Enterprise Rent-a-Car right on our premises. Whether your vehicle is with us for our mechanical service or collision repair, you won’t be left stranded!



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